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Work jobs directly from corporate enterprise companies to maximize your earnings! If you are looking to pick up some extra money, review the Direct Corporate jobs and submit qualified, interested candidates. If your candidate is hired, you get paid a fee!
Join thousands of your fellow recruiters in the JobTarget Network!


Submit unlimited candidates to our Direct Corporate Client jobs and earn a fee on successful placements
Collectively our large Network of Recruiters covers all industries and geographies and are submitting candidates daily
Our free platform is your one-stop-shop for submitting qualified candidates to open jobs
JobTarget serves as the trusted broker and facilitates the fee payments between Job Owners and Recruiters

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any jobs available from direct employers? Yes! We are posting jobs direct from JobTarget’s base of corporate clients. Simply submit candidates and if yours is placed you earn a significant percentage of first year’s salary.
Will I make money from this service? Our easy to use platform gives you the opportunity to place more candidates, which translates into more money.
Is there a cost to use this service? This service is free to submit candidates. If you are using the platform to work jobs and submit candidates and you successfully place a candidate, you will receive the full advertised fee for Corporate jobs.

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