Pay-Per-Hire Terms & Conditions

This Term Sheet is incorporated into the Agreement between JobTarget and the Client identified in the Service Order to which this Term Sheet is attached if one exists. In absence of a Service Order, this is incorporated into JobTarget’s Online Agreements and Terms of Use, as found at

Posting Jobs

  • JobTarget reserves the right to reject any posting submitted through the Pay-Per-Hire service, for any reason or no reason at all.
  • When posting jobs through to this service, you shall make best efforts to supply accurate information for all questions in the posting forms.
  • Client shall make itself, or someone within the organization, available to JobTarget and its partners to get additional or clarifying information about the job, compensation, and the profile of candidates Client is looking for.
  • Client understands that JobTarget may share the jobs with other third parties or may advertise the opening as it chooses. Client understands that due to the nature of the Internet, JobTarget may not control who sees the job posting, nor can JobTarget control how it gets redistributed or published further.

Reviewing Candidates

  • You have an obligation to review all new candidate submissions, from within JobTarget, and either reject or accept the candidate submission within two (2) business days.
  • You are responsible for rejecting a Candidate within two (2) business days of receipt of submission if the candidate is a duplicate or you have pre-existing relationship. If you fail to do so, you forfeit any claim, and must pay JobTarget any monies due for a successful hire of said candidate.
  • Candidates that have applied more than 6 months prior to being submitted by JobTarget are not considered duplicates.
  • You have an obligation to move each candidate through the hiring funnel stages, or reject the candidate, within the JobTarget platform, as soon as those events, or decisions of such events, may occur. When rejecting a candidate, you shall provide the reasoning for such decision.
  • Any candidates or resumes received through this service may only be used for the intended purpose of the service. You are not granted any license or rights to use, resell, share or do anything with them outside of the context of this service.
  • Upon making a hire, Client shall immediately mark the candidate as Hired within the JobTarget system.

Payments / Placement Guarantees

  • If you submit a job through JobTarget’s Pay-Per-Hire service, you will be asked to agree to a fee which you shall pay for each hire made. You will be responsible to pay this fee for every candidate you hire that gets submitted to you through this service, even if the candidate is hired for a job other than the job you advertise through this Service. Furthermore, if you list the job with one opening, but hire two candidates that were submitted through the service, you will need to pay two of the agreed upon fees.
  • JobTarget owns the candidate that was submitted to you through our Platform or service for a period of 6 months after the most recent communication regarding that candidate from JobTarget or a Recruiter in our Network. In the event that that you receive the candidate from a different source outside of JobTarget AFTER having received the candidate through JobTarget, a placement fee will be due to JobTarget if that candidate is hired.
  • JobTarget does not imply or guarantee you will receive a certain number of candidate submissions, or any at all. JobTarget does not imply or guarantee using our Pay-Per-Hire service will result in a hire.
  • Upon making a hire, JobTarget will send an invoice to Client for payment. The payment terms are Net 30 days from the date the invoice is sent.
  • If you make a hire through the service, JobTarget will guarantee the candidate the time designated by you at the start of Pay-Per-Hire Service use and stated and confirmed on the Post a Job page (“Guarantee Period”). If the hired candidate separates from the company within the Guarantee Period, JobTarget may either replace the candidate or refund the money paid for the hire. If JobTarget elects to replace the candidate, it shall have thirty (30) days to do this. If it fails to do so, JobTarget shall refund the money paid by Client for the Hire. This guarantee shall only apply if Client has already paid JobTarget for that hire, and Client is in good standing. This guarantee shall also only apply if Client informs JobTarget within two (2) business days of the candidate separation.

Additional Terms

  • JobTarget reserves the right to restrict your access or use of JobTarget’s services, solely in its own discretion, which it may change at any time.
  • JobTarget may in its discretion decide to share with you the name and /or contact information of other recruiters, partners, or employers, and to share your name and/or contact information with other recruiters, partners, or employers. You agree to use any such information you receive only in the context of this service.
  • Without limiting the generality of any disclaimers in this Term Sheet or any other agreements relating to this service, JobTarget may take, in its sole discretion (but is not obligated to take) any steps to enforce any provisions herein and therein, including, without limitation, taking any steps to collect any fees beyond invoicing the responsible party.
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