Send your job to a network of recruiters – No cost to try - Only pay if you hire.


A network of Recruiters on-call and ready when you need them!
Whether it is a hard-to-fill job, a large number of openings or you just want to bring in higher caliber candidates, JobTarget’s Pay-Per-Hire service is here to help. It has never been easier to work with a network of 3rd-party recruiters!
All managed through JobTarget, you simply choose which jobs to send. JobTarget has already established relationships with a network of 3rd party recruiters, collectively covering all industries and geographies, and built a platform to show them your job and deliver their candidates to back you. In addition, JobTarget has an internal recruiting team that may also work the job.
Much like your traditional 3rd party recruiting model, there is no cost, unless you successfully hire one of the submitted candidates. The fee per hire is a percentage of the new hire’s first year salary, and there is a 60 day guarantee period.


Saves You Time - Qualified Candidates Sent To You
Our network of 3rd party recruiters will send qualified candidates to you so you don't have to search for them.
Saves You Money - No Posting Fee And It's Risk Free!
Only pay a fee if you make a hire.
Reach Passive High Caliber Job Seekers
Receive candidates that are highly qualified for your position and already vetted.
Hard to Fill Positions - Solved
The 3rd party recruiters in our network collectively cover all industries and geographies, and are highly skilled at placing candidates in hard to fill roles.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to use the service? Using the service has no cost, unless you make a hire. The fee per hire is a percentage of the expected first year compensation of the job being filled. Once the job is posted, you’ll start receiving candidates and you can review them, phone screen them, interview them, etc. You will only pay the fee if you hire one of the candidates. It’s truly a risk-free service!
How do I post a job? Within the JobTarget Pay-Per-Hire app, click the “Post Pay-Per-Hire job” button. This will walk you through the process of posting your job.
How do I manage my job? You can edit or stop your job by going to the Job Details page in the JobTarget Pay-Per-Hire app.
How many recruiters will work my job? It will vary job-to-job. JobTarget has established partnerships with hundreds of recruiting companies. Many of them specialize in certain geographies, industries or job specialties. We invite relevant recruiters to work the jobs and others may choose to work the job also.
How do I review candidates? Within the JobTarget Pay-Per-Hire app, you will see your Pay-Per-Hire job openings. Each will show you if you have candidates to review and bring you to see them. Additionally, you will receive an email when a new candidate submission is received. Simply mark the candidate submission as Accepted or Rejected, and you can proceed to contact those candidates you accept.
What if I have already received the candidate from another source? If you have already received the candidate from another source, you should reject the candidate within the JobTarget Pay-Per-Hire app.
Is there a guarantee? JobTarget offers a standard 60-day guarantee. If the hired candidate quits or is terminated in the first 60 days, then JobTarget will refund the money.
When will I be invoiced? You will be invoiced upon making the hire. If the candidate does not last for the full guarantee period, JobTarget will subsequently refund you the money.

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